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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bridge Collapse

A 4-lane Interstate Highway fell into the Mississippi river during rush hour several miles from my house. This is the road I take to work every day, though thankfully I take it the other direction. I'm safe, but there's a pit in my stomach.


At 2/8/07 2:21 AM, Blogger Christian Hergert said...

I was just a couple blocks away at UofM for the OpenNMS conference. It was an quite a scene.

At 2/8/07 2:41 AM, Anonymous Eric Florenzano said...

It's a terrible tragedy. Glad to be able to chalk up one more person who _wasn't_ on the bridge.

At 2/8/07 4:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeedy. I was at the Metrodome getting ready to watch the Twins lose (#!^!@@) when I heard. Luckily, I'd taken the tram from the MoA.

In totally unrelated news, though, we should have a Minneapolis/Minnesota GNOME get-together sometime while I'm up for this internship!


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