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Friday, October 13, 2006

First Snow has Fallen

I've recently added a simple breakpoint list widget to nemiver, and a few other minor things. Dodji's added a few cool new things lately as well, including showing the value of a variable in a tooltip when you hover over it. There's still no release yet, so you'll have to pull from svn for now if you want to try it out.


This weekend Joanne joins me at the ripe old age of 29, so we have a big party planned. Happy birthday Joanne.

Also, I've finally gotten around to gimping up a disembodied head for myself. So if the powers-that-be would like to install the following image as my spokes-head on planet GNOME, feel free.



At 13/10/06 2:22 PM, Anonymous Johannes said...

Looks good! I am just wondering if you were interested in helping us with the Anjuta debugger instead of starting yet another effort to create a gdb GUI.

At 13/10/06 2:45 PM, Anonymous pvanhoof said...

Indeed. It would be nice to see this software as a library that can be reused by the many IDEs (like Anjuta)

For example so that Anjuta people can create an Anjuta plugin that embeds this.

This would be very extremely very nice to have.

At 13/10/06 4:18 PM, Anonymous S. Kochen said...

I'd rather see a GEdit plugin. :)

But this as a standalone project looks really promising aswell. Nice!

At 14/10/06 12:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks promising.
Do you know if there are plans to add data structure inspection, something similar to what you can see in DDD? This is remarkably useful for validating the way complex data structures are created and initialized (eg: trees).

At 14/10/06 8:56 AM, Anonymous Dodji Seketeli said...

We already have a local variables viewing widget that let's you browse the structure of class instances and POD local variables. It also lets you dereference pointers. A more complete and versatile variable inspection widget is planned though.


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