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Friday, August 11, 2006

Hello, Planet GNOME

Well, I'm told that this blog is now aggregated on Planet GNOME. For those who haven't met me yet, my name is Jonathon Jongsma and I live in the great city of Minneapolis, in the USA. I've been contributing to gtkmm (yes, that new website is my fault), am co-maintainer of cairomm, and have my own little side-project named Agave (which incidentally was the project I started in order to teach myself gtk(mm) programming, so don't be too surprised at the questionable quality of some of the early code). Anyway, thanks to all those who've already made me feel welcome in the GNOME community.

In other news, my wonderful wife Joanne is nearing the end of her first trimester of pregnancy, so we anticipate having our first child around the beginning of next year. So I've been spending a lot of my time cooking meals and trying to find foods that won't be immediately regurgitated.


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